Make A Signature Fashion Statement With Strapless Dress

Published: 11th July 2008
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Day by day increasing demand for strapless dresses has made them the hit of the season. Stunningly beautiful strapless dresses have become the fetish fashion. Fashion designers stampede towards the straps proves their exclusivity.

Beautifully fashioned strapless dresses are flattering to all figures, the topmost reason for dominating the world of dresses. Other lineaments, which have made this shoulder baring style an apple of everybody's eye, are that they earmark lots of movement to the body and fits well with all styles. This proves their versatility also. Also rapidly becoming the choice of many brides too, as they maintain a perfect ratio between sophistication and elegance, also adds a hint of sexiness and sensuality, which makes it a complete ensemble for wedding.

Not only wedding, this form fitting dress that will dazzle your figure is ideal for all occasions. An ultra flattering silhouette of strapless dress in versatile styles and colors add certain sophistication and is a great choice for those having nice arms and shoulders. For summers this is a best option as plenty of room left by these dresses keeps you cool as well as provides a stylish look. Just make sure that you are comfortable in wearing them, because at first it can be a little tricky to wear them. This sexy attire gives a fantastic feel and are adjustable to fit most sizes.

Many women, instead of the fact that they look good on all sizes, consider strapless dresses risky. Keeping that thing in mind, below are given some tips with a ray of hope that it will reduce your wear.

Fit should be proper

Proper fit is the foremost thing that needs to be given a careful thought. No dress can enhance your figure unless it has a proper fit. Constantly tugging to keep it in its place takes the entire show of the dress. Before purchasing a strapless dress try every possible position. Like raising arms, bending over, moving your body, walk around etc. It gives a proper idea about the comfort ability of the dress. The dress should have a perfect grip over the bust, should be high enough to not reveal an inappropriate amount of cleavage, should not be too tight that it cuts your skin and should not be too tight around the hips and thighs that it makes it uncomfortable to walk.

Be comfortable

Having a proper fit and being comfortable are both different things. It's not necessary that always both are directly proportional to each other. If you are not comfortable in showing your skin then proper fit of the dress also cannot do anything. Confidence is must in wearing a dress. So if you have finally decided for the dress, be confident and comfortable in it. If you're going to feel self-conscious wearing it, better go for the one with sleeves.

Choose the right bra

Your bra should have a decent fit if you are going to wear strapless dress. There are many kinds of strapless bras. You cannot wear regular bras as they have a risk of slipping. Long line strapless bras with smooth cups are perfect. This bra extends till the waist portion and is very structured to prevent from slippage. You can also pin the bra to the inside of your dress to keep it in its place. Avoid lace or other embellishments as it may give you a crumpled look.

Accessories should be simple

Your bare shoulders are the main accessories, as all eyes are going to focus on them. So simple accessories are best with strapless dress. Adorn your decollete with simple elegant necklace. It is enough to create a dashing look. Real show of these dresses comes with heels. Slingbacks are an excellent choice to accentuate a strapless dress.

Wear It to the Office

Now strapless dress is not confined as an eveningwear. You can get double duty out of your strapless dress by making it wearable for daywear also, for example, office. Blazer or cardigan above a dress attains an appropriate office look. It also adds a touch of style.

These all points will surely wash away your fear of wearing strapless dresses. This style is as much elegant, as it look overly showy and out of place if not worn properly. To sharpen the beauty of this timeless outfit give much emphasis on its silhouette, construction, texture, hemline, etc.

The statement 'Fashion is about versatility, fun and risk' fits perfect with strapless dresses.

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